Webdesign: Our client's are exceptional individuals in their respective fields.  Each is surrounded by unparalleled support teams, to which we owe much gratitude for working so closely with us over the years. What we've found is that websites evolve. A starter website is an excellent way to advertise your business, along with traditional print outlets including magazines, flyers, business cards and brochures.  The look and feel should flow between all aspects of your brand.  We're here to offer up ideas that will help tie everything together.

We've integrated web traffic and income generating tools directly into websites and offer site management services.  From adding PayPal & shopping carts to finding online ticket sale outlets and school registration services...TMI can help set up the accounts and get you up and running.   Like you, we love what we do... So let us take care of the creative services side, that'll free up time for you to concentrate on your bliss.

Bill Dorrance's life long interests in horsemanship, ranch roping, and rawhide braiding were the core for the book True Horsemanship Through Feel.  Bill spent eighty plus years working with horses and cattle and ranching in general. www.BillDorrance.com


Although he looked like the "cowboy next door", Tom's been profiled in People magazine and has been called the "patron saint of horses" by the New York Times.  Horse owners from around the world have looked to Tom for his kinder, gentler, much-proven technique of training horses.  www.TomDorrance.com


Mark and Matt Plumlee have teamed up to deliver WadeSaddlesRUs - a one stop shop for high quality handmade Wade Saddles, ready for shipment.
visit:  http://www.WadeSaddlesRUs.com


John Saint Ryan owns and operates the Red Rose Ranch, a working horse and cattle ranch near Inyokern, California, where he raises, boards, and sells horses.  www.JohnSaintRyan.com


For some, it's the dream of living life in the open air, where blue skies and vast endless spaces are a daily part of life. 

For you it might be about carrying-on an American legend and becoming the best cowboy you can be.  Whatever your inspiration, at Cowboy School, you'll be trained in the finest traditions and skills of the old west.  www.CowboySchool.net

Mark has been doing strapwork, making chaps, and braiding cowboy gear and rodeo equipment since he was a kid.  He finally got started, at age 50, on his childhood dream as a custom saddle maker, with a lot of help from his brother. Mark's focus, for now, is building quality ranch style saddles for the professional and the pleasure rider.  From the trails to the arenas, the quality and craftsmanship stand out. 

EMDR Therapist


John Saint Ryan came to the USA 14 yrs ago with an English background of Classical Riding, he subsequently immersed himself in the western style of working with horses studying under the tutelage of the Masters of this work Tom Dorrance and Ray Hunt. www.DomaVaqueraInstruction.com

... dedicated to offering a common sense approach to maintenance of the equine hoof, drawing on Natural Balance principles, traditional craftsmanship, and the increasingly improved technology available in the farrier industry today.

It takes a progressive group of top-notch professionals to be ahead in the fast-paced real estate market.  Today's speed and complexity makes it difficult for a single agent to carry the load without sacrificing service.  The group is a seasoned team. They work together, pooling essential skills, and guiding every transaction to a timely completion. www.RuthHarle.com

Trudy´s commitment and dedication to her clients have made her a top listing & buyer´s agent. Her understanding of client needs combined with her enthusiasm, make her a true professional. www.TrudySayler.com


Ovalrock is an Intellectual Investment Company, specializing in the convergence of Electronic Media, Information and Telecommunication Systems. www.Ovalrock.com

We represent some of Lake Sammamish's finest real estate opportunities on the market today.  We offer local market expertise with a solid reputation for conscientious client service.


Like all fine things a fine home is distinguished by its value, and we believe the concept of value runs across all price ranges.  From entry-level to multi-million dollar estates, we pride ourselves in understanding your needs and maximizing the value you receive. www.PremierPacificHomes.net


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